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The Loop Project

The Loop consortium, founded as a OneGeology initiative, with geosurvey and Australian Research Council support - brings together geological surveys and research institutions in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the UK to found a new Open Source project to build the next generation of 3D geological modelling tools.

Laurent Ailleres

Project Head

Laurent Bio Photo
Initially trained as a structural geologist, Laurent was awarded his PhD in 1996 in France, having worked on the French Alps, from an office only meters away from the development of Gocad. Since 1996, he has been a research fellow at Monash University. He introduced Gocad to the Australian mining industry, academia and many governmental organisations. Laurent is interested in the evolution of tectonic processes through time and their effect on multi-scale mineralisation processes. He specialises in structural geology and geophysics as well as multi-scale 3D geological modelling applied to tectonics and minerals exploration. He teaches field mapping at undergraduate level in poly-deformed metamorphic terranes and advanced structural mapping and structural geophysics at postgraduate level. His geological experience spans multiple scales across Africa, Europe, Australia and the Americas. He leads the Loop initiative to develop the next generation of 3D geological and geophysical modelling tools and champions structurally-ruled probabilistic geological modelling.

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